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The Liles laboratory conducts research at the intersection of environmental and clinical microbiology

Bacterial and viral communities in natural environments play critical roles in ecological processes and in animal and plant health.  While the public perception of microbes as "germs" in need of elimination is rightfully deserved due to the scourge of bacterial diseases that have visited humans throughout history, there is now a growing appreciation of the ways in which environmental and commensal microorganisms contribute to health.  Microorganisms have provided us with the chemical arsenal (i.e., antibiotics) needed to treat bacterial pathogens, and many diverse industries depend upon microbiological activities.  It was only with the advent of genetic analysis that microbiologists have realized how little of the astounding bacterial and viral diversity that exists in natural environments has been described, much less exploited for the benefit of human health and society.  The Liles laboratory is dedicated to an understanding of bacterial and viral diversity as it pertains to the health of animals and plants, using beneficial microorganisms to prevent disease in aquaculture and agriculture, and the identification of novel antimicrobial compounds produced by environmental microorganisms.
Contact information for Dr. Liles
Office: Room 316, Phone (334) 844-1656
Laboratory: Room 216, Phone (334) 844-2200
Rouse Life Sciences Building
120 West Samford Avenue
Auburn, AL 36849